“A great champagne is the fruit of years of knowledge and experience.”

Housed in the original premises, the winery is a fusion of old and new with the introduction over the years of more modern specialized equipment. We proudly craft every element of our production on-site, from gently pressing the grapes in our state-of-the art wine press, to vinification, bottling, ageing, riddling, disgorging and labeling.

Within our temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks lies a very large diversity of reserve wines which allow us to blend and produce champagnes with an even quality each year.

Once the wine is bottled, the secondary fermenting takes place slowly in our underground hillside cellars at an ideal temperature of 14° to 15° Celsius. Our stock is rotated over approximately five years, meaning each bottle achieves its optimum ageing, ensuring the development of complex aromas, fine bubbles, and a perfect mousse.

Disgorgement, which entails expelling the deposit left by yeast cells after fermentation in the bottle, is achieved semi-automatically at least four months before releasing each bottle, ensuring that the added liqueur is well-mixed with the wine.