“As stewards of the land we have inherited, we work to minimize our impact on the environment through sustainable farming practices.”

Our Champagnes are estate grown: only grapes grown on our vineyards are used to produce Champagne Fluteau. Situated on slopes along the Seine River valley, the vineyard is planted with a majority of Pinot Noir with 15% Chardonnay, ideally suited for the clay soils and cool climate of the Cote de Bars region. We are hands-on growers: at champagne Fluteau we are certified sustainable HVE since 2017.

We constantly review research and adapt relevant practices decisions with close observation of nature and in accordance with the season and the weather, in a never-ending quest to produce the highest quality of grapes and ultimately, the wine. At harvest time, the grapes are picked manually and handled with the utmost care so that the whole fruit clusters arrive at the press in excellent condition.