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Our Story

To understand our story, an understanding of the history of champagne in the Aube region of France is necessary.

Although vines have been growing here since time immemorial, the local winegrowers were excluded from the official champagne wine growing delimited area in 1911, thus denying these growers the economic benefits of the growing popularity of champagne. The growers in the Aube revolted, and in 1927 were finally included in the official champagne appellation. This area, often considered “a stepchild” to its neighbor, the Marne Valley, now represents one fifth of the total champagne growing area.

Fluteau was one of the first champagne houses to be founded after this revolt. Emile Hérard was already commercializing his champagne when his Foire aux Vinsdaughter Alice met and married Georges Fluteau, an up and coming wine merchant whose father Henri had been a wine trader. They decided to combine their two businesses and created a Négociant House, “Hérard and Fluteau”, producing champagne sourced from different local vineyards.

Alice and Georges Fluteau continued to develop their champagne, working with their son, Bernard, who in turn passed the company on in 1996 to his son Thierry who now runs the winery with his wife Jennifer, an American originally from Chicago. In 2001, Thierry and Jennifer decided to convert the company to “owner grower” status, producing their champagnes exclusively from grapes grown on their 9 hectare estate. Their vision is one of legacy, and following in the footsteps of family tradition is their son, Jeremy, representing the 5th generation, who joined the company in 2008 after studying enology and wine making in Avize.



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