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From Chicago to Gyé Sur Seine : Jennifer's story

An interview with Jennifer Fluteau, a native of Chicago, Illinois (USA)

How did you end up in France ?

After finishing my degree in Chicago, I was offered an internship in Paris. I was thrilled to accept, being a “Francophile”, and having studied French over the years.”

How did you and Thierry meet?

A Parisian friend of mine had family living in Troyes, which is located in the Aube region of France (which I had never heard of before, and had no idea they produced champagne there!) who invited us for a weekend. I met Thierry at a local “disco” and after two years he finally convinced me to come live in his village of 500 inhabitants”

Do you miss living in the US?

“Naturally there are things I prefer there, just as there are things I prefer about living here. What I love about the Aube is the beauty of nature, the clouds and the colors of the vineyards. I also appreciate the slower pace and the lifestyle. But I do miss the access to all the abounding and vibrant cultural and social activities available in Chicago. I try to go back at least once a year”

Do you export to the US?

“Ofcourse! Our champagnes have been available in the Chicago area for over ten years, through a local importer who is now a good friend. More recently we have begun distribution in California. We are still looking for distributors in the South and on the East coasts. Hopefully our son Jeremy, who is naturally bilingual, will be able to develop that part of our activity.”



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