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In the cellar

We take particular care in each stage of the wine making process. The wines are analyzed and tasted regularly in order to adapt our interventions accordingly.

At the time of blending, we have a very large diversity of reserve wines which allows us to produce champagnes with an even quality, and enables us to create individual, expressive wines.

Once the wine is bottled, the bottle fermenting takes place slowly in our cellars at an ideal temperature of 14° to 15° Celsius. Our stock is rotated over approximately four years, meaning each bottle achieves its optimum ageing, a guarantee of excellence.

Disgorgement, which entails expelling the deposit left by yeast cells after fermentation in the bottle, is semi-automated and done on-site at least four months before releasing each bottle, ensuring that the added liqueur is well mixed with the wine.

To find out more… • An innovative horizontal wine press, with a sloping square plate was installed in 2007. A novel concept with incomparable pressing quality producing top quality must. • In 1996, a new state of the art ageing complex was built, equipped with stainless steel, temperature controlled vats, allowing us to store the still wines and control the winery work in excellent conditions. • We allow the wines to complete their malolactic fermentation by using the natural heat produced after the acoholic fermenting. This second fermenting results in more structured, supple wines with less acidity. • The first filtering is done in mid november, then we let the wine rest and age before assembling and bottling in the spring. • The bottles are aged in our cellars, built in 1945, enlarged and renovated in 2000, allowing us to store up to 300,000 bottles of champagne, ensuring a minimum of 3 years ageing on the lees.



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