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In the vineyards

Our 9 hectare vineyard is divided into 7 different plots, each with its own poetic name :« Les Evallons", "Val de l’érable", "Le Haut de Villiers", "Val Mantra", "Val Cureux", "Val Cassard" and "La Crotte" and individual caracter.

The vineyard is planted with a majority of Pinot Noir, ideally suited for the clay soils of the Aube area, and a small portion of chardonnay. The vines are located on southern and south-western exposed slopes along the Seine valley. At champagne Fluteau we focus on sustainable land management. All of our cultural practices are interrelated and work to improve the vineyard, the grapes, and ultimately the wine while at the same time, minimize the impact on the environment. For instance: we use only organic fertilizers in the vineyard and we have abandoned the use of chemical herbicides for mechanical plowing to support a living, healthy soil and prevent damage to the ecosystems that surround our vineyards. We constantly review research for new ideas and adopt relevant practices, adapting them to our particular situation and striving for continued improvement. The grapes are all harvested manually, and handled with care so that they arrive at the press in excellent condition. Harvesting machines are banned in champagne as only the human eye is capable of sorting grapes for quality.

To find out more… • Planted grape varieties: 7,80 hectares of pinot Noir and 1,20 hectares of chardonnay • Rootstock : 50% SO4 clones, 35% 41B clones , 3% 161-49c and the rest in fercal. • We use the « Guyot » method of pruning for a density of 8200 plants per hectare and the “ cordon de royat “ method for 2 ha for densities of 7500 plants per hectare. • The vines are weeded mechanically approximately 4-5 times per season, with a hydraulic plow. • In spring we de-bud the vines to insure better air circulation and to control yields. • Average age of the vineyards : 25 years



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