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Blanc de noirs

This fruit driven, full flavored 100% Pinot Noir champagne is a blend of wines from several harvests, making it easy to drink and a good choice for any occasion. A real crowd pleaser!

Cuvée Réservée

As its name indicates, this champagne has been left to age on the lees a minimum of 3 years. The extended time on the yeast gives it a robust, creamy texture. The blend is majority pinot noir (85%) with a touch of chardonnay making this a classic choice.

Brut Rosé

This rosé is made by the traditional method called « saignée » in French. The grapes are de-stemmed and left to ferment on the skins before being pressed. Its dark rubis color and its intense red-fruit aromas will be a refreshing surprise.

Cuvée Prestige

This vintage champagne made with 100% chardonnay grapes is all lightness and elegance. Its delicate aromas will delight the connaisseurs of blanc de blancs champagne.


Cuvée Symbiose

This classy, well balanced champagne is a harmonious blend of two varietals, in equal quantities: the black pinot noir with its ripe fruit aromas, and the white chardonnay with its light delicate aromas.

Brut Nature

No additionnal dosage (sugar) has been added to this champagne, which means it is nice and dry. The majority Pinot Noir blend gives it lots of body, while a touch of chardonnay makes it bright and mineral.

Cuvée Douceur

This is a demi-sec champagne, which means more sugar has been added in the "dosage" to make it slightly sweeter.



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